09/17/2014 09:59 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2014

Miami Art Days = Yes? No? Yes!!

Art Days represents everything right about Miami.

It promotes the growing Downtown corridor, it's free, and it highlights our burgeoning cultural revolution. It also brings a variety of organizations and venues together working in synergy for the greater good of the neighborhood, something you seldom see in Miami and won't find in Wynwood. And finally, the event gives back to local artists, curators and performers, a component so essential if Miami wants to keep its talent here and recruit talent from elsewhere.

The three-day festival is now in its third year and there's definitely no looking back. Twenty-nine venues will feature more than 150 events running the gamut of our culture, including exhibitions, artist projects, workshops, art education, film screenings, walking tours, bike tours, performances, children's activities, dance and more. This is a great opportunity to visit some historic Miami venues like the DuPont Building, Olympia Theater and Freedom Tower. Also, if you haven't yet, it's a chance to witness the breathtaking Museum Park and PAMM. The 2014 edition of Art Days is definitely maturing. They've alternated days so the event doesn't clash with Second Saturday's in Wynwood, which is smart. They've also developed a wonderful guide widely available (found one in Miami New Times) as well as a detailed app to download to your smartphone. Like all annual events, Art Days is no doubt growing.

And....after all that love...

... here is the inevitable shoe dropping.

Because every point has a counterpoint; and every pro has a con....

As awesome as this event is, the timing of Art Days still feels a little off; it's just too hot in September to be outside midday and there's always a risk of rain. Plus, attending events on a workday afternoon (Friday) may prove difficult to impossible for many. One can't help but wonder if this event would better serve the city if held in March or April during peak season. Or, during a holiday weekend? Or, maybe in conjunction with an event that brings tens of thousands to the area, like the Miami Book Fair. Despite a legitimate concern for light attendance, there's no need to rain on the parade. At the end of the artDay, less is more; at least until more becomes more.

So go.

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