09/29/2015 12:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nu Deco Ensemble Is Indeed a 21st Century Orchestra

Nu Deco Ensemble, a post-modern orchestra, premiered their season recently at The Light Box in Wynwood. The two-night run represented one of those Miami nights, especially in Wynwood, when you feel the neighborhood transforming exactly into what it can become: an intimate home to cultural gems; events that make us locals know without a doubt that we can compete culturally with any city in the world.

The Nu Deco Ensemble is a 22-piece motley of mature musicians, many of whom are professors of music at the U of M to New World School of the Arts to Lynn University and beyond, many are New World School graduates. One thing is for sure, all 22-members are uniquely mature, qualified and professional. The Knight Foundation funded ensemble is yet another example of Miami's cultural renaissance.

In their first performance of the season, they played songs by LCD Soundsystem, Clint Needham, Marc Mellits and collaborated with 20-year-old-phenom Brika who's talent is unquestionable. Listen to her song "Gold" which she played with Nu Deco.

Nu Deco Ensemble is a different type of symphony; a Miami tour-de-force, a risk-taking, powerful, experimental high-speed train heading into the future with an inviting sound inviting us aboard. The Light Box run ended with a standing ovation.

They deserved it.

My only criticism is they don't play enough.

Nu Deco have five performances scheduled over the next seven months.

Some include renditions of Radiohead and Jamiroquai and a collaboration with Spam All-Stars.

Let's hope they can play more because like other awesome Knight funded events (Circ X comes to mind) -- they deserve a residency so more can witness the future.

Check out their website for dates.

Or listen to the video below to sample their flavor.