01/25/2012 05:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sundance 2012 Is Just Like College

The Sundance Film Festival is the place to be to scope out the best independent films, celebrity freebies and movie deals. But, when you really break it down, it is also a little bit like college.

If you want to watch aduts behave like they just arrived for the first week of freshman orientation, Main Street in Park City, Utah, during Sundance is the place to be.

Here's why, and here's hoping no one got pregnant this past weekend.

  1. Very important things are accomplished at 5 a.m. On Saturday night, I overheard a 5 million movie deal close over a bottle of Patron at a Deer Valley condo right before sunrise.
  2. The fridge at your lodge/condo/mansion inevitably contains just a pack of string cheese, a single Reese's peanut butter cup, a can of hummus and a diet Red Bull.
  3. Everyone has sleepovers -- planned and otherwise. When the roads close and cabs are sparse, everyone bunks down wherever they had their last beer. Floors, bath tubs and hot tubs are fair game.
  4. Did I mention hot tubs?
  5. You wear a lanyard with your identification card around your neck all week, not unlike a college ID.
  6. The shuttles between buildings are always late and the drivers might be high.
  7. Your surrogate parents (a.k.a. your bosses/sponsors/studios) pay for everything and you really take advantage of it.
  8. Everyone wears flannel, geek chic (non-prescription) glasses and stretchy pants everywhere. Everyone lies and say they look great.
  9. There is always some indie pop band playing whose drummer is related to someone in the room.
  10. No one remembers anyone's names for the first week. Instead they rely on standby salutations such as "Buddy," "Mama", "Bitch" and "Sport."