06/06/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Peaceful Revolution : Honoring Your Mother of the Year

Sunday is Mother's Day! At this week is a bit like the week before Christmas in the retail world. Once a year Mothers are front page news and does our best to call attention to the peaceful revolution we are working to spark--a revolution that creates economic security for mothers and families by reinventing workplace cultures and passing public policies that benefit us all such as paid sick days, paid family leave, flexible work options, affordable health insurance, and not to forget ending maternal profiling- discrimination against mothers in hiring, wages and advancement.

This Mother's Day created a "Mother of the Year" customizable video using humor, glory, and a subtext of facts to further spark this peaceful revolution. It is not right that a single mother makes sixty cents to an equally qualified man's dollar or for a mother to be 79% less likely to be offered a job than a woman that is not a mom. Small wonder so many women and children live in poverty. and dozens of partner organizations are sharing our Mother of the Year Award video far and wide so that every deserving mom can be honored, with a bit of education along the way. Check it out and see if you know someone who deserves a Mother of the Year Award. In fact you probably know many mothers who deserve such an award!

You can view the video here, and then customize it to insert the names of all the wonderful mothers in your life. Each of them will get the video with her name on the award, and I can assure you, she will be laughing throughout and likely thank you for a very cool Mother's Day gift.