09/18/2013 05:51 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2013

Why I Co-Founded 1-Page

Early in my life, I realized that the true superpower that every human being has is the ability to innovate, predict the future and have the capability to build it.

It is the superpower that has allowed us to evolve from bacteria to the greatest evolutionary species of all time. It is the superpower that built the pyramids, went to space, cured diseases that were destined to wipe out our species; that built airplanes, Google, the light bulb and the mobile phone.

This superpower is not just in some of us: it is in all of us, but in order for each of us to use our superpower we need to be surrounded by others who use theirs: at school, at home, in the office.

I used my superpower to build 1-Page, the communication mechanism that enables people to use their superpower to get jobs and build companies.

Today companies have to change as fast as Change; they must source innovation from every person in their company and outside, reaching out to talent, partners, customers: 1-Page makes that possible. It is the Next Generation Communication Platform where candidates are asked to go beyond the resume (finally!).

Companies can now engage candidates to compete for jobs based on the ability to solve their real challenges to achieve business strategic objectives. Candidates' power to innovate is at the core of the solution.

Until today, human beings couldn't deliver this value to get jobs; they had to send resumes so that they could be processed, scanned, analyzed, and most of the times rejected by a computer, a machine; looking solely at "experience" "education" "age".

It is time for companies to engage candidates like never before, in order to survive.

It is time for candidates to have a space and a process in place to use their superpower to go beyond the past. Because after all, what is experience? 90% of what we use today, we learned it only in the last 5-10 years.

It is time for us to overcome the frustration of being rejected by machines in order to deliver our value and get that job.

It is time to stand up for humans in this revolution against the machines that are now in charge of "finding us a job", deciding whether or not we are qualified for that role based on our resume.