05/15/2014 02:29 pm ET Updated Jul 15, 2014

Social Media Do's and Don'ts for Bachelorette Parties

When planning your best friend's bachelorette party it is tempting to post every last detail to your social media accounts. It is often hard to refrain from sharing photos of adorable party favors, scenic destinations, and your group of gals sporting their cutest outfits. Social media makes it easy and instantaneous to share photos with the rest of your bachelorette party group, but posting photos from the event can also create a host of problems. Here's how to avoid making a major social media blunder at your next pre-wedding event.

Do: Chat With The Bride About Her Social Media Preferences
Before celebrating the big night out, be sure to check in with the bride regarding her social media wants. She may not want the photos shared publicly, or may want the group to use a specific social media platform. For example, if she loves using Facebook but doesn't have an Instagram account, have the group share pictures and updates on Facebook so that the bride can actually see the posts.

Don't: Publicly Invite Guests
When planning a bachelorette party, remember that brides typically limit their guest list to the bridal party and their closest friends. By publicly inviting people on sites like Facebook, some of the bride's other friends may see the posts. Avoid hurting anyone's feelings by keeping this step private. Use a site like The Bach to easily send invitations and bachelorette party itineraries out of the public eye.

Don't: Post & Tag Photos Without Permission
Many bachelorette party guests may be concerned about inappropriate photos being posted. Some of the bride's guests could have to monitor their social media accounts to avoid issues at their job or school. You can easily accommodate guests' wishes by asking permission before posting and tagging photos. Throughout the weekend, as you snap photos on your phone, quickly show them to the other guests and get their approval before immediately uploading the pictures.

Do: Be Wary of Over-Sharing Photos
Be sure to avoid tagging people in hundreds of bachelorette party photos, which can annoy guests. Instead, choose only the best photos to share on social media platforms. Great group shots and flattering pictures are always good choices, as well as photos that show the bachelorette party activities, favors, and surrounding scenery. Avoid posting duplicate content or unflattering pictures. In order to share all of the photos in one place, stick to email or create a private album on a site like Shutterfly.

Do: Choose a Fun & Creative Hashtag
If your group is excited to publicly share photos of the bachelorette party, create a personalized hashtag before the event. This will help you keep the photos organized on both Instagram and Twitter, and make it easy for everyone to access pictures posted by different guests. Choose a fun and unique hashtag, possibly incorporating the bride's nickname or an inside joke. As long as your entire group uses the hashtag, this is a great way to publicly share and organize photos.