08/07/2014 01:02 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2014

The Ultimate Guide on What Not to Do at Your Next Bachelorette Party

Being a bridesmaid comes with a lot of responsibilities these days. The pressure is on to throw a totally unique event, complete with the perfect party favors and adorable, Instagram-worthy group shots. Sure you now can easily find the perfect venues for the celebration, but that doesn't mean you're in the clear. Here are seven things you should never do at a bachelorette party, unless you want to risk getting fired from your bridesmaid duties:

1. Get Cliquey With a Few Girls You Know

If you know a handful of the bachelorette party attendees, it is easy to stick together all weekend. Don't miss out on bonding with all of the bride's other friends. Even if you're shy, make an effort to get to know everyone. You'll end up with way more people to get down on the dance floor with at the wedding, and might even pick up some new besties.

2. Talk Excessively About the Bride's Exes

A few harmless bachelorette party games typically reveal some hilarious fun facts about the bride-to-be. While it may seem like the perfect opportunity to tell that ridiculous story about her ex from college, tread lightly. If any of the groom's family members are there, they may feel uncomfortable hearing about the bride's former love life. Plus the bride may want to leave the past in the past.

3. Get Jealous of the Bride

Weddings should be a truly happy occasion, but sadly they can often bring out the worst in people. If you secretly wish it were you getting married instead, don't take those feelings out on the bride. Keep in mind that when your day comes, she is going to be there to support you.

4. Get Jealous of the Bride's Other Friends

If there's anything Kristen Wiig taught us in Bridesmaids, it's that sharing your best friend is tough. If you're feeling neglected, don't let it interfere with the bachelorette party. Save that conversation for a private moment with the bride, and make sure she gets to spend time with all of the guests during the event.

5. Completely Disregard the Bride's Wishes

Did she specifically say "no strippers" or "no embarrassing photos on the Internet"? While it's great to incorporate a few surprises into the celebration, you don't want to make the bride feel uncomfortable at her own bachelorette party. If she gave you any hard-and-fast rules, make sure you stick to them.

6. Involve the Bride in Any Drama

Maybe one attendee hasn't coughed up her share yet, or two girls are no longer speaking to one another. Whatever the case may be, do not drag the bride into the drama. Instead, do your best to maturely work out everyone's differences before the bachelorette party weekend begins.

7. Get Too Drunk and Steal the Show

The champagne may be flowing, but don't drink more than you can handle! Avoid causing any potentially embarrassing scenes or getting into an unsafe situation. Celebrate with the bride-to-be, but don't overdo it!