09/24/2013 08:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Featured Fifty Fine Arts: Spiritu

JoAnneh Nagler is an abstract painter living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with mixed media on canvas, paper and panel, using metallic oxides ground into paint for depth and luminescence. Recent exhibits include San Francisco Design Center, Art House Gallery, New York, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta and a 50-piece solo exhibition, California Modern Art Gallery, San Francisco.

Spiritu is about accessing the invisible -- the forces of life unseen but that whisper to us, wash over us, or let themselves be known beyond the thick lenses of earthy, matter-based sight. It's the lift of the heart, the opening into inspiration, and the call to something deeper. I worked with multiple types of paints, and then ground bits of metallic oxides and gold leaf into the canvas, and then let drew the gold through it in light strokes, so as you move around the painting, the light catches your eyes in light, swirling shapes. It's one of my favorite pieces!


Spiritu, 48 x 36 mixed media on canvas