09/30/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Be Kind, Unwind: 3 Movies You Have To Watch

The summer is technically coming to a close, but the nights are still warm and romantic, which makes it the perfect time for a good, old-fashioned movie night. Going to see a movie or curling up on your couch with a NetFlix is a great way to unwind and detach from the chaos of day-to-day life. Whether you're with your lover, alone, or with your friends doesn't really matter, as long as you're snacking on something fun and taking a two-hour break from emails and phone calls and dirty laundry. We want you to enjoy, bask in, and celebrate each day of your life, and this week, it's time to turn off your brain and let yourself be entertained.

Motion Picture Proposal#1: Everybody Wants to be Italian

Don't even start on this being a shameless plug. We're truly so excited about this movie that we want to share it with you. This is not your typical romantic comedy; it's a charming, witty take on love, soul mates, and of course, Italians. It's the perfect date film because there's plenty of guy humor for the men and romantic, relatable relationship drama for the ladies. So if you live in NYC, Rochester, Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo, Philadelphia, New Jersey or Salt Lake City, why don't you grab a date and start the night with a yummy Italian dinner, a glass of wine, and then head to the movies? You'll leave the theatre smiling, craving a cannoli, and feeling good about supporting a film that isn't filled with tabloid celebrities or produced by a giant studio machine. (Oh, it opens on the 5th and if you live in another part of the country, you'll get your turn later in September.)

Motion Picture Proposal #2: Pineapple Express

Okay, well, a giant studio machine did pump this out, but whatever, it's really funny. It's the perfect movie for unwinding and turning off your brain because it's so ridiculous and hilarious that you won't possibly be able to think about anything else, except maybe your Red Vines. You should absolutely incorporate food into your movie night. Go out with your friends for some cheap Chinese food or burgers, kick back in the theatre with a bunch of candy, and then get ice cream afterwards and debate with your friends about who is cuter - James Franco or Seth Rogan. We know this is considered a "stoner film," but we promise that you don't have to be high to laugh your ass off and fully enjoy it.

Motion Picture Proposal #3: Once

Remember when Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova won the Oscar for Best Original Song for "Falling Slowly" from the movie "Once," and they were so freaking cute and overwhelmed that you got a tiny bit choked up? (Admit it.) Well, watching the actual movie is kind of like that times a thousand. This film is so unique and captivating and honest and real that we found ourselves bawling at the end of it out of pure emotion. This one is perfect for cozy couples to watch together because the girls will love the heartbreaking love story and the guys will get into the awesome music. Cook your favorite meal for dinner, cuddle up on the couch to watch Once, and we promise you'll appreciate your life and each other more by the end of it.