04/07/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dressing for a Date

We taped an episode of the Tyra Banks Show last week with Steve Harvey, and an audience member asked what she should wear on a first date. This is a common question and we want to share our advice with all of you. First of all, it doesn't matter how shiny your hair is, what color your nails are painted or how high your heels are if you don't feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, so we want you to stop worrying about your wardrobe and focus on your date, instead. Is he what you're looking for? Do you two have chemistry? Stop thinking about the length of your skirt and whether or not he can see your muffin top, and focus your attention on him, instead! In order to get your mind off of your clothes and help you feel secure, we're offering some ground rules and tips for dating attire, but please remember that you will look hot in whatever clothes you wear as long as you wear them with confidence.

1. Pick a Body Part

We don't want you to play small, cover up, or feel insecure about your body when you should be enjoying your date. Remember that he is on a date with you, so he automatically finds you attractive. You can stop worrying and let yourself be in the moment. Be confident in your sexuality, but don't mistake revealing your entire body for being sexy. Of course you want to turn him on, but you also want your date to be able to focus (at least a little bit) on your eyes, brains, and personality. A great tip from LA stylist Lisa Bezzina is, "Show cleavage or legs, but not both." We completely agree. Pick one body part that you love on yourself and show it off. It can be your cleavage or legs, but it can also be something less obvious like your neck, arms or back. Show yourself off while leaving something to be desired and you're sure to inspire desire in both of you!

2. Color = Confidence

Many women wear black because it's safe, but we want you to be bold instead of trying to blend in and go unnoticed. Wearing a bright color is a great way to capture your date's attention without trying to hard. Plus, it makes you appear confident and can brighten your own mood. One of our new favorite clothing lines is Leyendecker, whose clothes come in a variety of rich, sophisticated colors that can help you experiment with color without making you look like Rainbow Bright. On your next date, steer clear of basic black and let your true colors shine through, instead.

3. Accessorize Your Assets

It's amazing how putting on a few pieces of jewelry can instantly make you feel glamorous and confident. That's how we felt when we wore some pieces from Rebecca Wynne's gorgeous new line on the aforementioned Tyra Banks taping. Her stuff is classic and unique at the same time and goes with everything from jeans to ball gowns, but we especially love the fact that these nature-inspired designs are sure to last through every passing trend and season. Before your next date, don't worry about your clothes! Just throw on your favorite pair of jeans and dress it up with a pair of dangly earrings or layer on some necklaces and let yourself glimmer inside and out.

4. Stay Soft and Cozy

We also want you to feel sexy if you're past the dating stage and spending most of your nights curled up on the couch with your loved one. Save the fishnets and the come f-me heels for when you really feel like spicing it up, and know that you can be just as sexy and desirable in something soft and cuddly. Wear something that makes you feel smooth and womanly and your man will want to snuggle with you all night. Scanty is one of our favorites for these occasions. Their motto is, "Powered by peace, inspired by love and created with happiness," and that's exactly how we want you to feel on all of your dates - peaceful, loved and happy.