04/22/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

How to Love Like a Hot Chick: The Kosher Sutra

On March 31st, we will be appearing live with Rabbi Shmuley to discuss a very interesting and relevant topic, "Putting the Mystery Back Into Love" and answer the question, "Are Women Chasing Their Men Away?" After appearing on the Today Show to debate the Rabbi about all things related to sex and relationships, we've found that we have very different perspectives but the same end goal. Our book helps women gain the confidence they need to feel passionate and comfortable getting intimate so they can get the love they deserve, while Shmuley's books are about how to keep that passion and chemistry alive throughout a long marriage. We both want women (and men) to have the information and techniques they need to keep the spark alive, but our approaches are different.

We know firsthand how insecure most women feel in relationships, how much we worry about how our bodies look and whether or not we're sexy enough, and we want women to feel empowered to be their sensual, liberated selves with their partner. We think this is the only way for passion to be present and constant in a marriage. Shmuley, coming from a male perspective, preaches the value of mystery in a relationship and says that women are pushing their men away by revealing too much of themselves. Well, we think that being mysterious is fine as long as it doesn't mean sacrificing your confidence, acting like a different person or playing small in order to satisfy a man. We don't want women to cover up their curvy womanly bodies, keep the lights off to seem more appealing, or feel the need to act demure, innocent, and chaste. Instead, we want women to create mystery in their relationships in ways that make them feel more confident, sexier and more liberated. Buying sexy lingerie, sending flirty emails to their husbands, and talking about their desires are all ways for women to establish mystery while also building their own confidence.

If women are chasing their men away, we don't think it's by acting empowered and proactive. After all, a strong woman needs a man who can handle her feminine power without trying to diminish it. Instead, women and men are both at times chasing each other away with poor attitudes and unrealistic expectations of marriage. We know that Shmuley has a lot of good advice when it comes to keeping sex alive and healthy in marriage and we are thrilled for the opportunity to represent the female perspective when it comes to these issues. For more information and to purchase tickets for the event, click here and join us for what's sure to be a passionate conversation about love, intimacy and mystery.