09/29/2010 07:58 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Cleavage Conundrum by Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent

In light of the recent Ines Sainz controversy and Katy Perry's Sesame Street scandal, we thought we'd add our two cents on how much is too much cleavage in the workplace.

Somewhere between 1950's housewives, the power bitches of the '80's and today's post-femininity, cleavage has become a sort of taboo in the workplace and we don't think that's fair. We are women and we have breasts, and it can be extremely difficult and disheartening to spend all day covering them up, squishing them down and generally trying to pretend that they don't exist. Of course, there are certain necklines that are simply inappropriate for work (like anything that J-Lo might wear to the Grammys) so we want to make sure you know the difference between professional cleavage and slutty cleavage.

Professional cleavage is a wrap dress that lies just an inch or less under your natural boob line or a button down with the top button undone. Slutty cleavage includes anything that is both tight and low cut, shows any amount whatsoever of side boob or simply reveals more than one inch of definite cleavage. What can be confusing is the fact that slutty cleavage also includes instances when there isn't any actual cleavage visible, but the fit of the top is so poor that there is a double boob effect going on or you can see the outline of the push-up gel pad in your Victoria's Secret water bra underneath your shirt.

On the other hand, some people say that any amount of cleavage is inappropriate at work, that it detracts from others seeing you as a professional and causes them to view you strictly as a sex object. Well, we disagree with these people. Men are allowed to be men at work. They are encouraged to be tough and use their height and muscles to get what they want, and we want to be allowed to be women at work, too. No, you shouldn't manipulatively use your bust line to flirt or sleep your way to the top, but why shouldn't you be allowed to go to work every day looking and feeling like a woman without having to hide the fact that you are, in fact, a woman with a sexy, powerful, beautiful body? We want you to wear whatever makes you feel your absolute best, whether that's a turtleneck up to your ears or a dress that shows off your killer décolletage. We want you to look at the sexy, strong women in other countries who are running major portions of the world and go to work with the very same liberated sensuality, passion and professionalism as them.