08/20/2005 11:41 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Amazing Day at Camp Casey

The day started very early, Amy Goodman arrived to broadcast Democracy Now from 7-8am and a local Air America station pitched their rig nearby for an 8-11 broadcast. Generators to power their equipment woke the camp before 6 and coffee didn’t arrive until much later, if at all. We held the daily press conference at the usual time and Gold Star Families amplified Cindy’s message with mother after mother calling on Bush to meet with them. The press conference was followed by a prayer service with members of the clergy from around the country offering prayers for the military families and for Cindy and her mother. It was another scorcher, but the beauty of the ceremony kept us all in the hot sun for an hour, in reverence, prayer and love.

During the day we began to move parts of the camp up to our new site, right next to the entrance of the Bush ranch. Our neighbors are the very friendly secret service. The Crawford Peace House arranged for a huge tent that can hold about 1,000 to be constructed and the breeze in the new camp lowers the temperature a bit. Or maybe it is just the difference between being in a ditch and being on mowed weeds.

Our evening began with Texas songbird Marcia Ball as we all sang along to our favorite anti war songs with some delightfully humorous new lyrics. As the program progressed on the new stage with a rock’n sounds system, Iraq Vet Jeff Keyes played taps, followed by a powerful speech by Reverend Joseph Lowery. The Reverend was one of Martin Luther Kings closest friends and his speech carried that power. “The war is over, now it is time for Bush to come to that understanding and bring the troops home.” The Reverend traveled from Atlanta Georgia to spend time with us and will stay until Tuesday. He brought with him 2 beautiful mothers, Evelyn Allen and Patricia Roberts, both with sons who died in Iraq. As I was hugging Evelyn goodbye and thanking her for her long journey to join us, she said “I am here for the love, for the love of all the children of the world and the desire that no other woman has to carry my grief.” She pointed to the corner of the camp where we enter and said “You can feel the love here, the minute you step into the camp.”

One of the most beautiful moments today was during the Reverends words, they were powerful and had us all in tears and on our feet from his inspiration and call to action,. As he spoke the full moon rose beside him. I called Cindy to share the moment with her, and she said how much she missed everyone and sent her love and let us know that her Mom was getting stronger and was able to smile today.

The community is growing, people continue to come from all corners of the world, I encourage you to come join us. Tomorrow Steve Earle comes through to lift spirits at the end of the day and Sunday Joan Baez will join us. See you in Texas, and if not, make a lawn sign and put it up BUSH-MEET WITH CINDY!!!