04/08/2014 10:53 pm ET Updated Jun 08, 2014

Do You Know How People Really Make Decisions?

Every decision people make in life is an emotional decision.

There is no such thing as a decision purely based in logic. Those who think so are just emotionally attached to being logical.

So if you want someone do take action... you have to create an emotion.

And emotion only comes from one place: stories.

Data or facts alone won't change people. Some people can take raw data and create a story from it. These people are highly imaginative. Most people can't (or won't) do this so easily. These people need storytellers. Whoever tells the best stories in a culture creates movement and sparks change. It's always been that way.

So whatever action you want others to take is completely dependent on the story you tell them -- or more accurately, the story they believe you tell them. It doesn't matter if it's buying your car, singing up for your e-newsletter, voting for you for mayor or hiring you for that new job - if you tell the right story to the right people that creates the right emotional response, you'll get the change you want.

So tell better stories.

I've devoted my life to helping others tell stories that spark hope and action.

I can't think of a better way to spend my days.

What story are you telling people today?