06/25/2014 02:56 pm ET Updated Aug 25, 2014

Was Jesus a "Hillbilly?"

My most recent post here on the Huffington Post called "Does the Bible Need to Be Set Free?" generated quite of bit of positive and negative feedback.

This isn't surprising. It seems virtually impossible in today's world to write about God, Jesus or the Bible without a slew of immediate reactions from both sides. Critics of the idea of God and the practice of religion are quick to assume anyone with any belief in the supernatural is uneducated, simple or naive. People of faith tend to do themselves very little service by condemning non-believers as closed-minded. As an educated, thinking Christian I cringe more at the comments of other Christians than I do at the comments of atheists.

Prejudice is a dangerous thing. It is interesting to note that Jesus himself likely dealt with prejudicial assumptions. Many historians believe that he would have had a thick mountain accent. Here's a short clip from Rebel Storytellers Presents: The Gospel of John about that. To learn more about this story and the movement behind it, go to