Swings -- Kettlebell -- Two-Handed

10/08/2012 01:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017


Stand in front of a kettlebell with your legs shoulder width apart. There should be a soft bend in your knees.

Keeping your back flat with your shoulders down and back, hinge at the hip to pick up the kettlebell. To start the kettlebell swing let it travel in between your legs as your continue to hinge at the hips with your back flat and shoulders down. At this point the kettlebell should be between your legs and your upper body should be close to parallel with the floor.

Now reverse the motion by forcefully contracting your hamstrings and your glutes to propel the kettlebell forward. Keep your arms straight the entire time and do not use them to move the weight. All the force should come from your hips.

As the kettlebell moves forward keep your back tight, shoulders down, and chest up. As the weight starts to slow down and reverse direction, let the weight of the kettlebell travel between your legs as you hinge at the hip once again. Make sure you maintain good form.

Repeat for given reps.