10/08/2012 01:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rotational Chop -- Half Kneeling




Connect a rope handle to a high cable pulley station.

Start by facing perpendicular to the high pulley station, a couple of feet away. Get into a half kneeing position (one knee up, one knee down) with the knee farthest from the pulley on the ground. You might want to put a soft pad under your outside knee. Your inside knee, closest to the pulley, should be up and in front of you.

Grasp onto the rope handle with both hands. At this point your arms should be extended and your body slightly rotated toward the pulley station.

Pull the handle towards your chest and across the front of your body, until your arms are fully extended down towards the floor in front of you.

Make sure to keep your hips facing forward and your lower back still. The movement should come from the top half of your torso.

Reverse the movements by letting the rope come back across your body until your arms are fully extended and pointed toward the high pulley.

Repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions and switch sides.