08/13/2012 08:21 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

It's Never Too Late to Get in Shape! Summer Workout Series, Part 2

Hopefully, your first three weeks of training were productive and you are starting to feel stronger and a bit more conditioned. In this next three-week phase, we are not only going to change the program, but we are also going to slightly increase the intensity of the strength training program. For the energy system training component, we are still going to be focusing on the development of your aerobic system, but we are going increase the duration of each work interval from two minutes to three.

Phase 2 Schedule (Three Weeks)



Once again, before each strength training session I want you to perform one set of each of the following dynamic warm-up movements in order to prepare you for the routine.


Below, you will find your new strength training routine. You will notice that the repetition bracket has dropped from 12-15 reps to 10-12 reps. This drop in reps will allow you to train with slightly more resistance which will help you begin to get stronger. In addition, I've increased the rest periods slightly to make sure you have enough recovery to maximize your effort for each set. If you are uncertain of any of the terminology, please refer back to the terminology sheet in part one.

TBD = to be determined
Sec. = seconds
DB = dumbbell

Since you will be using the same intensity for your energy system training programs, you will use the same heart rate (&/or RPE) training zones as the previous phase. Refer back to the charts in the previous article if necessary as a refresher.


Energy System Training Program 1b: Aerobic Intervals
(Total Time = 22 minutes)

Warm Up: Three minutes @ 50-59 percent of Max HR or an RPE of 1-2
Work Interval #1: Three minutes at 70-79 percent of Max HR or an RPE of 5-6
Recovery Interval #1: One minute at 50-59 percent of Max HR or an RPE of 1-2

Repeat the work and recovery interval three more times.

Cool Down: Three minutes at 50-59 percent of Max HR or an RPE of 1-2


Energy System Training Program -- Aerobic Recovery:
(Total Time = 30 minutes)

Warm Up: Five minutes @ 50-59 percent of Max HR or an RPE of 1-2

Work Interval: 20 minutes at 60-69 percent of Max HR or an RPE of 3-4

Cool Down: Five minutes at 50-59 percent of Max HR or an RPE of 1-2

Joe Dowdell, CSCS, is a personal trainer and strength coach to some of the world's top athletes, actors, models, and CEOs. The founder and CEO of Manhattan's Peak Performance gym, Dowdell is the author of Ultimate You and has contributed to the following books: Mario Lopez's Knockout Fitness, Men's/Women's Health The Big Book of Exercises, and 50 Cent's soon to be released fitness book Formula 50. Visit Joe's website at, and follow him on Facebook (JoeDowdellFitness) and Twitter (@JoeDowdellnyc).