12/28/2010 07:38 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Good Reads of 2010

As we reach the end of 2010, here is a list of books I found interesting, informative and pretty well written in 2010. They are all good reads and reflect books I have actually read. Enjoy the list and happy holidays!

Are We Winning by Will Leitch... great account of a father, a son and a friend and their experience in and around Wrigley Field...

There were lots of books about the Saints, but Sean Payton's chronicle, Home Team, takes fans inside their run to the title and gives insight into what it is like to be a head coach.

Steinbrenner by Bill Madden... one of America's great story tellers and chroniclers of baseball hit the stands as the great leader was fading, and brought all the stories of his life back around again.

The Ones Who Hit The Hardest by Chad Millman... a good look back at the Steelers, the Cowboys and what shaped the NFL in the decades past.

ESPN analyst Merril Hoge had a good look at inspiration and the things he had to overcome in his book, Find A Way. Here is all the info on his site.

Hoops fans may wanna check out the recent book by former Harlem Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon, Trust Your Next Shot... great stories about life, business and the Globies.

For those who like auto racing and the personalities of the fans around the sport, pick up Andrew Giangola's The Weekend Starts on Wednesday. It is an easy read with a story for everyone.

Always the best compilation of the best in the business is, the Best American Sportswriting is a keeper for any sports fan.

One of the most inspirational stories was The Long Run, the story of former NYC Fireman/triathlete/marathon runner Matt Long and his battle to overcome a horrific accident and then inspire others. A summary and link to the book is here...

Sports Illustrated's George Dohrmann had a new work, Play Their Hearts Out, which was a unique and in depth look at youth basketball, the players, the characters and how it all fits together, a la Friday Night Lights. Nice insight into a very unique and complex subculture.

Pat Kirwan's book Take Your Eye Off The Ball, is a great primer for the football novice.

Sports Illustrated senior writer Tim Layden's work, Blood, Sweat and Chalk, looked at how the iconic plays of football became iconic and followed the progression of the game at all levels with some amazing tales.

Mike Weinreb had a great read called Bigger Than The Game, about how the '80's altered the athlete landscape. Find all his info here.

A book that combined the elite athlete with the immigrant experience was former NYC Marathon winner's Meb Keflezighi's bio Run to Overcome, which he co-authored with Dick Patrick. All the details on Meb and his story are here.

Another good untold story about one of America's titans in sports and business was David Sweet's bio of AFL co-founder and MLS pioneer and oil tycoon Lamar Hunt. Lamar Hunt: The Gentle Giant Who Revolutionized Professional Sports.

And for sports fans everywhere, current Miami talkshow host and native New Yorker Sid Rosenburg had some great tales in his book You're Wrong and You're Ugly by Sid Rosenburg and Paul Schwartz.

So there you have a good list to get you through the winter should you choose. Varied topics, good stories and lots of fun.