09/17/2013 04:06 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2013

We Can Save One Another

Earlier today, I heard from the third friend of mine in two days about someone I'm connected to committing suicide.

I'm really taken aback by hearing the same sad news affect so many people I care about in such a short time. What I could really use right now is some understanding. 2013 has been such a crazy year for so many people I know, myself included. So much change, so much craziness, so much tragedy... This year has been, by every measure I can use, tragic. For a LOT of people I know.

We all need to rally around one another and push positivity. Turn off your fucking TVs and quit poisoning your emotions with tragedy and "reality" and start being a part of each others' lives. Arrange coffee dates. Meet each other for library days. Go for a walk together. Re-establish contact. Get in touch with one another. Make each other a priority. Quit allowing isolation to swallow so many of us.

We don't HAVE to be so damn alone all the time. We can do something about it. If someone is isolating themselves and doesn't feel like going out, go to them. Show some compassion, and when it's shown to you, receive it graciously. From the smallest aggravations to the biggest depressions, we can all save each other from sinking. All we have to do is reach out to one another.

And when someone reaches out to us, reach back.

Goddammit, we can save one another. This world doesn't need to be so jaded. We don't HAVE to kill ourselves. We just plain don't. We can love each other. We can help each other. There are people in your lives right now that can benefit from a phone call, an email, an instant message, a wall post on Facebook, a kind tweet... Don't wait for them. There's no point in playing bullshit games of who contacted who last or emotional equity and who owes each other what.

Just stop whatever the hell you're doing right now, pick up your phone, and call someone you love. If you're hurting, tell them you're hurting. If they're hurting, ask them what's going on. Don't even consider it taking the first step, consider it participation in life.

You're alive. Do something about it.

* * *

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