09/26/2011 10:19 am ET Updated Nov 26, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - For What?

Over the last week or so protestors have been attempting to take over Lower Manhattan to ask for what was thought to be an overhaul of the financial system. First glance -- this is a great issue a very large number of Americans can get behind.

On Sunday night I was viewing a live feed from the park where the protestors have gathered. It was a large group that would repeat, as a human megaphone, what a primary speaker was saying. A statement would be made and the crowd would repeat it in one voice. Sometimes it would sound like a prayer as a speaker asked to recite the First Amendment.

But what this group is doing to itself as it asks for media coverage, may be killing itself. There is no focus to this group or movement. A speaker got up and started talking about a General Assembly. At first I thought they were going to air their grievances to the UN across town. Evidently, there are so many issues this group wants to deal with they needed to form a self-government to manage them.

One woman got up and said that there are a number of issues to be settled and all the issues are equal. This is the point where this venture is due to fail.

Every time you add an issue you lose people. Most of us are certainly for things like reforming Wall Street and curbing the institutionalized greed. But if these folks are going to bundle a Free Bradley Manning Pizza with a 2 liter bottle of Kill the Fed and a box of Take Everybody's Guns Cheesy Fries -- that is not what I want to order.

Seriously, what event will have to happen for these folks in the park to say, "we won that -- let's move on."

If every issue is equal, you are giving an easy handle for those who would want to bring the main issue down. If I am working for the Koch Brothers, I would send people in to do exactly what is being done at the lowest level here -- get attention for fringe issues to slam wedges into the group to drive people away.

When the mainstream media does FINALLY show up, it will be displaying a bunch of anarchists who have discredited themselves. A herd of cats is not pretty.

If this group does not get a focus as to what they are about then why should anyone on the outside pay attention to them? There is nothing wrong with a movement declaring itself for one singular thing, getting that done to build credibility, then reconstituting itself for the next singular thing.

Whether you like the Tea Party or not -- they got their footing on one singular thing (Taxes are Evil), built on it when they got a critical mass and are now a force in American Politics.

The country is willing to listen if there is a solid message with a clear goal. This group can speak in one voice to talk amongst itself -- it has to speak in one voice on a single issue to the rest of us.