08/08/2013 11:06 am ET Updated Oct 08, 2013

Who Owns the Airwaves?

The RNC is upset that news outlets like CNN or NBC may run something favorable to Hillary Clinton. The RNC wants to hold its own presidential debates hostage in an effort to force the hand of the networks.

By loudly pouting in the media, the RNC is attempting to exert undue influence over things they do not own. If the networks give in, the RNC will essentially own them. The media outlets should let them keep their debates to themselves.

If you have a 3-year-old throwing tantrums in the grocery store over candy, does any decent parent give in to the kid? If the parent gives in the parent is owned forever.

When any of my kids tried the stunt, I simply walked out of their line of sight while keeping an eye on them. Other parents walking by smiled the been-there-done-that smile as the kid screamed out for a minute or two. Once the kid realized they were isolated, they got themselves together and calmed down. I got back into their line of sight quickly so we would not have abandonment issues. (The idea is to stop them from demanding things they are not entitled to, but not give them a bigger problem.)

You train the kid to understand they cannot get what they want by screaming.

Maybe the networks need to do the same thing. As long as the RNC is going to pout about what the adults are going to put on the air, the networks need to place a moratorium on having Republicans on the airwaves? All Republicans are covered by this ban.

They can go scream and yell by themselves on their own network.

Eventually, the RNC will feel the pressure from within their own ranks when media coverage is denied to the over-inflated egos that show up as talking heads. The preening class within the Republican Party will eventually force the RNC to back off. They will calm down and stop acting like 3-year-olds.

And if they do not calm down, the RNC immaturity disqualifies itself from any credibility to handle the problems we face as a society. Without media attention, the RNC will wither on the vine.

Besides, if the networks really want to drive the RNC crazy, the networks can schedule the programs about Hillary Clinton to run during the RNC debates.