03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Helping Haiti to Reconnect

Our hearts go out to the people of Haiti as the long, difficult job of recovery begins there. Every one of us is thinking, "How can I help?". Here at Comcast, we're providing airtime and production assistance to help point Americans toward key relief agencies. One of these agencies may be of particular interest to HuffPost readers, who are the kind of people who particularly understand the power of communications to reconnect families and to advance the relief effort. Paul Margie is U.S. Representative of Telecommunications without Borders ("TSF" is its French acronym). Last night, he told my colleague Kathy Zachem and me about the role that TSF is playing in Haiti:

Today, TSF established three satellite communications centers - one at the airport, one for UN and NGO emergency responders, and one for the Haitian government.  The next step is to begin humanitarian calling operations, through which TSF will provide free two-minute calls anywhere in the world to people displaced by the earthquake from a number of locations in the city.  The logistics and security situation is terrible.  Our team leader in Port-au-Prince said that it was the worst scene that he has ever worked in, and he's been to some terrible places.

A number of my colleagues have made donations to TSF through its website, and the Comcast Foundation is also making a grant. Please visit the TSF website to learn more, and I hope you'll join us.