04/11/2012 05:36 pm ET Updated Jun 11, 2012

'Cougar Town' Recap: Smile and Drink Your Wine

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 3, Episode 7 of ABC's "Cougar Town," entitled, "You Can Still Change Your Mind."

After an agonizingly long three-week break (which would have been two weeks had it not been for that meddling "Dancing With The Stars"!), our favorite cul-de-sac crew is finally back! When I saw the title of the episode was "You Can Still Change Your Mind," I just thought of all the people who turned away from "Cougar Town" (Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC) in its early days and are now missing out on one of the best comedies on television. It's okay, people, you can still change your mind and come back to us. We have wine. Lots of it.

This week's primary plot focused around Travis wanting to photograph Jules and Grayson's wedding. Did anyone else think of "Community's" Britta when Travis was snapping away? I can see her and Travis being pals. But I digress. His photos are generally macabre in nature (e.g. an open wound, a skinless deer, the best photo of a severed toe that Jules has ever seen). Jules, being the gung-ho support system that she is, tells Trav that his photography is great and she would love for him to photograph her wedding.

Meanwhile, Bobby stumbles upon Angie (guest star Sarah Chalke) kissing some random dude out of nowhere! She plays the whole "I didn't know we were exclusive" card, but Bobby doesn't buy it. Then, he finds her in his houseboat ... in his bed ... completely nude. Sure, I get it. He may have fallen back into things with Angie in that moment, but something told me that wasn't going to last.

Subplot C had Ellie torturing Laurie via Simon. Laurie just could not get the hang of it. I understand your pain, Jellybean. Oh! And we finally discovered the story behind Laurie's infamous nickname. Supposedly, when Jules first hired Laurie (did we forget they have jobs?), Ellie bet her that she could convince Laurie that jellybeans were more valuable than gold, and therefore, Jules could pay Laurie in said jellybeans. Sad, but hilarious nonetheless. Laurie and Ellie's relationship is the oddest on the show and by far my favorite.

Jules turns to Angie to find out if Travis could photograph her wedding and actually do a good job. Angie assures her that Travis would be great, but also mentions that he'll never be happy as a photographer. This causes Jules to relieve him of his photographic duties, which results in Travis doing his weekly "I'm sad" rant. However, watching him punching sharks on his green screen was probably my favorite moment of the episode, so I'll let his rant pass another week. After she sees a picture Travis took of her and Grayson (the little spoon) napping, Jules changes her mind and hires him back.

Angie shows up at the houseboat, hoping to woo Bobby into bed once more. Bobby asks Angie if they could ever be something more, and Angie says that she's not looking for that and just wants to have fun. In what is probably his most mature move to date, Bobby breaks things off with Angie, sending her to shoot elephants in Kenya (with a camera, of course). I love how Bobby continues to grow as a person, a friend and a father.

"Cougar Town" maintains its winning streak with another solid episode. I just beg all of you to tell your friends to change their mind about the show. Forget the title! It's fun! It's friends! It's wine!

Winning Lines and Moments from "You Can Still Change Your Mind"

"Mother of God, I gotta drink!" - Jules, trying to get a corkscrew out of a baby-proofed drawer. She eventually just broke the wine bottle.

Laurie: I almost barfed! Well, luckily, I can control my gag reflex ... Nothing?
Ellie: I don't swing at softballs.

"What is this? Looks like a smoke detector from a disco!" - Laurie re: Simon

Jules: You know, Fleetwood Mac married Stevie Nicks.
Ellie: I don't think so.
Jules: Well, it's true.

Jules' sink/trash

Andy: So she found your weak spot?
Bobby: If that means my ding dong, then yeah.

Bobby's zumba pants, which I would totally rock, let's be real.

Grayson's awful memory skills:
Customer: A beer, two martinis, and some wings.
Grayson: Got it ... hold on ... uh, what?

"Don't be sad. I hear they're coming out with a Jellybean version. It's just one big button." - Ellie to Laurie after she dominated at Simon

"You call me a slut; I say it's a lifestyle choice. You call me uncouth; no biggie, I don't even know what that means." - Laurie

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