03/01/2008 11:01 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bill O'Reilly Stands by His Smear of Arianna Huffington: There's No Difference Between Her and Goebbels

BillO obviously is feeling some heat over his vile words the other day when he compared Hitler and the KKK to some anonymous commenters on the Huffington Post and attacking Arianna. In his perverted defense, he says that the use of propaganda by the Nazis to murder millions of Jews is an honest comparison to some idiots leaving comments on a blog.

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O'Reilly: ...from the late nineteen twenties to nineteen thirty three when Hitler became chancellor, the Nazis used vile propaganda to demonize Jews and others in the eyes of the German people. The used newspapers, radio, leaflets and rallies to build up enormous hatred towards your family.

Today we're seeing the same thing on the net here in America, there is no difference. When Arianna Huffington allows people to say that Nancy Reagan should suffer terribly and then die, that is no different that what doctor Joseph Goebbels and others were putting out way back then.

What an ignorant fool. Yea, a few commenters on blogs are in some way equal to Hitler and his mass rallies that led millions of people to their deaths in O'Reilly's world. Right wing demagogues will say absolutely anything to justify their insane actions. Rarely if ever, BillO will take a look at right wing sites to see what they are up to as Steve Young points out.

I know you won't because you never have. You've always said that the Right's smears are minuscule as compared to the Left's. What, you've never listened to talk radio? You've never gone through the tons of right wing sites? You've never watched your show?

When you first ripped into DailyKos you admitted you had never even heard of, one of the largest right wing blog sites on the Net. Some crack research on

I didn't see BillO repudiate Michelle Malkin when I broke the story about her printing the phone numbers of Santa Cruz students because they were against military recruiting on their campus...who were then inundated with hate calls and death threats.

After our successful counter recruitment action on Tuesday, the right wing decided to resort to personal threats and intimidation. SAW Press team members received hundreds of threatening emails and phone calls, after inflammatory blogger Michelle Malkin put the students' personal information on her blog. More than a dozen other websites followed suit. She refused to remove the information, even after she was politely asked and the safety concerns were brought to her attention.

The SC students contacted me to help them out when the hate got too intense. Se was quickly repudiated by some of her own, but where was Bill? Where was Bill when she attacked the Frost family? Where was Bill when the warmongering Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs attacked Jill Carroll after she was released from being kidnapped in Iraq because she was forced to make anti-American statements with guns pointed at her head? Where get the point.

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