12/23/2005 08:19 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bob Novak: What are you guilty of?

Novakula took the stage on CNN's "The Situation Room," to give a farewell interview with Wolf Blitzer. Here's the question. What do you have to hide? How come every other journalist-which includes Judy Miller, Matt Cooper, Tim Russert and Viveca Novak gave us at least their own version of what they told Fitzgerald?

(See the video here)

Wolf tried asking Novak why he's keeping his mouth shut.

Wolf: Why can't you do that now?

Novakula: I can't tell you why, I can't do it. I've been advised by council not to-my lawyers...

Reddhedd from FireDogLake says:

"If Novak's attorney is telling him not to talk, it means one of three things: He's in legal hot water himself and his attorney is trying to keep him out of any further trouble (the keep your mouth shut and don't piss off the prosecutor any further line of lawyering); he has been specifically told not to discuss something because he will be questioned further in regard to specific issues material to the case; or his source is in hot water due to conflicting testimony between the two of them. (which could tie in with the first and second things, especially if Fitz is looking at obstruction or conspiracy issues)

But there is no prohibition on a witness speaking about testimony following their appearance before a grand jury. The only reason you don't do so is because you have to worry about pissing off the prosecutor or because you don't want to let anyone know what your testimony was because maybe you have a whole lot of things to hide."

His only regret was not that he outed a CIA agent or that he worked as a political operative for BushCo to intimidate others from speaking out against a war he says he hates, but because it caused him so much trouble. The CIA told him not to print her name, but his excuse of "everybody knew she was a CIA agent" is laughable. Working with Sean Hannity is the perfect fit for this detestable excuse of a reporter to hang his hat with.

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