01/11/2006 07:56 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Brian Williams: NRO's Rent Boy

Brian Williams, the main man for NBC news joined Don Imus this morning and was talking about the Alito nomination when the subject of Joe Biden came up. Brian couldn't pimp the NRO quick enough in his response to Don-and to top it all off he didn't even know WTF he was talking about. Don looked as surprised as I did with his response. An emailer wrote in: Williams said with these bloggers now you have to be on your toes. Joe Biden made a point about his daughters and ivy league schools and then the National Review...(See the video here)

Imus: Well what was the issue.

Williams: Well, he (Biden) was talking about Ivy league schools at the hearings and the National Review had video refuting what he said with an earlier statement. I mean this Joe Biden thing was just UNBELIEVABLE! (emphasis by Brian Williams).

Imus: Well what did he (Biden) say about Ivy league schools initially?

Williams: Well, um..., I am not sure exactly but whatever point he had the National Review put up an immediate counterpoint.

Imus: Counterpoint to what?

Williams: Well, I am sorry. I don't have that. Maybe you can get your crack staff over there to find it out.

Imus: Well, geez, you have just completely lost... us here this morning.

Yes Brian, you should have taken your own advice and stayed on your toes. Why is Williams quoting the NRO at all? Media Matters has noted his proclivity to shill for the Republican party, I mean who can forget his "ode" to Rush Limbaugh, but this was beyond the pale. So far this week has turned into one big circle jerk of republican talking points for Alito and the fact that Brian Williams brought up the NRO as a resource tool without even knowing the story seals the deal. It's no accident that the Kate O'Beirne's are given endless airtime to interject their extremist-right wing ideas into your TV sets without any opposition-while Amy Goodman has to sit back on the sidelines. For a laugh go and read Jesus General's Amazon review of Kate's book.

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