03/16/2012 01:02 pm ET Updated May 16, 2012

Romney Deals Staggering Blow to Santorum's U.S. Pacific Island Territory Hopes by Taking Guam, American Samoa

In what is being called the death knell of Rick Santorum's much-ballyhooed campaign to win delegates from America's westernmost territories, sources say that Mitt Romney has walked away victorious in the Guam and American Samoa primaries, and appears likely to wrestle the Northern Mariana Islands from Santorum's grip as well. The mood at Santorum's Pacific campaign nerve center in Hagatna was decidedly somber today, and only a few forced smiles lingered at the local headquarters of "Saipan for Santorum."

Romney was said to be surprised and delighted, both by the unexpected wins and by the apparent fact that corporate Republicans reside in places like Guam and American Samoa. According to one staffer, the former Massachusetts governor told his aides to thank whoever was responsible and then asked to be briefed on his chances of winning the territory of Hawaii as well.