09/27/2011 01:18 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2011

Connected the Film: A Technology Story With Heart

I first learned about the film Connected through watching the filmmaker's interview with Brian Solis. The film was created by Tiffany Shlain who is also the Webby Awards founder. Watching that sparked my post on Egocentric or Allocentric Connectedness. Since that time I have been looking forward to its premiere. Friday night I finally watched the film and left the theater with much more than I had expected.

I knew it was a personal story from the tag line, "an autoblogography about love, death & technology" , but I did not know how relevant Shlain's life story was to the subject of connectedness. Tiffany's father was the prolific writer and surgeon Leonard Shlain. Through his work on the human mind and history, Tiffany was raised in an experiment of sorts where she was exposed to compelling ideas and theories that would shape her life's work. Her close relationship with her father alone is a perfect example of human connectedness approaching it's deepest form. While watching the film, I was inspired to consider hope in the face of disease, growing human population, famine in sub-Sahara Africa and pending global economic collapse. Shlain used Portland animator Stefan Nadelman to take the magic of info-graphics to a new height. One that still haunts me is the unexpected impacts of China's one child policy. Through stock footage and personal films, Shlain takes us through a timeline of human history to explore some of her father's most compelling theories. Leonard Shlain had planned to co-create the film with his daughter, and in many ways, it feels as if you are experiencing the the doctor's own mind melded with Mrs Shlain's. One of Dr. Shlain's most popular books The Alphabet Versus the Goddess is discussed and many of its greater points take root at the film's core. His up coming book, Leonardo's Brain, also permeates the film and leaves you anxious to read it as a continuation.

The Portland premiere was capped with an audience Q and A session. There seemed to be no shortage of conversation as the evening ended. Tiffany even stated that her goal with the film was to have people talking about connectedness. She surpassed her own goal. Connected is both artful and scientific in it's approach. But most of all, it is a deep story of the human heart.

Connected continues to premiere around the country. Details on the film, as well as show times, can be found at