10/03/2012 02:46 pm ET Updated Dec 03, 2012

What Michele Bachmann Said at the Temple

Michele Bachmann recently visited a Chicago synagogue on the eve of Yom Kippur. Her unwanted presence there drove many attendees to leave, and to later donate to her opponent in the Congressional race in Minnesota. Here are a few things she said that pissed them off:

"Is the guy on the stage in the pretty pashmina the Rabbit?"

"Did anybody notice? The prayer book starts at the end and ends at the beginning. Maybe you should send it back to the printer."

"Why are all you guys wearing those little thingies on your heads? Does everybody here have male pattern baldness?"

"I love that bone thingie the Rabbit is blowing, the chauffeur, but can't you folks afford a trumpet? Is it because you're too cheap?'

"Thank God there's no kneeling. I just had this dress dry cleaned."

"I'm guessing all the guys here have been circumscribed."

"How come you hide the scrolls in that closet? So they won't get damp?

"Isn't it kinda hot to be wearing black?"

"Does your God have a white beard like ours?"

"I loved Tora, Tora, Tora!

"Will there be snacks later?"

"That guy over there pounding his chest... does he need a defibrillator?"

"Mind if I tweet?"

"Please don't call me "my sugar." I am not your sugar."

"Your parents named you Shlomo? That's cute. My parents loved the Marx Brothers too."

"I brought bagels. Anybody want one?"

"I thought there would be wine."

"Are the banks closed today? You guys own them all, right?"

"Why is everybody so cranky? Didn't anybody have breakfast?"