06/13/2005 10:08 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Downing Street Minutes Controversy Growing -- What You Can Do To Help

In all of my years in Congress, I have never seen a phenomenon develop and grow like the controversy over these now infamous minutes, and the related corroboration. Just over the weekend, we finally made the front page of the Washington Post (registration required). The London Times also covered the disclosure of new British Memos confirming the pre-war deal and highlighting the lack of a post-war plan. Is it any wonder the public is finally saying we never should have gotten in to begin with? I have also scheduled a hearing for this Thursday, and I am getting scores of press calls a day on this issue every day.

Most amazingly, more than 540,000 Americans have joined with me in signing a letter to the President demanding answers and accountability. You can sign (and your friends, colleagues and family) by simply going to my web site and clicking the letter and filling out the information. I would love to see a tremendous boost to our totals from the Hufffingtonpost community. I also plan to post the details of the hearing at my site soon, along with the viewing and listening information.