07/23/2005 01:20 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Downing Street/Rovegate Developments

Yesterday I released my timeline of pre-and postwar developments in the DSM/Rovegate controversy, along with a brief summary and conclusions. Many of the entries were based on suggestions I received from the Huffingtonpost community, and since this is still just a draft, I would appreciate any further comments and suggestions you may have.

Today, there are a series of town hall meetings around the country involving Democratic Members of Congress to commemorate the third anniversary of the Downing Street Minutes and further our education and understanding of DSM, Rovegate and the ongoing deception in Iraq. There will be blogging on these events throughout the day at My event in Detroit begins at 2 PM ET.

I have also organized more than 300 separate house parties on these issues, with more than 7,000 individuals expected to attend. I am planning a conference call with the hosts at 4 PM ET, along with Ambassador Joe Wilson, Randi Rhodes and Stephanie Miller. I hope to post this call on my blog later. Also, my blog will have posts from the various house parties, along with photos, later on today and throughout the evening.