03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Letter to Senator Lisa Murkowski

Dear Senator Murkowski,

I hope that you are well. Hey, some of us were talking and we were wondering what the deal is with this amendment to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating green house gases. I'm sure you've got your reasons, or rather the polluters who did the ghost writing of the amendment have their reasons, but we actually prefer to have the Environmental Protection Agency, well, you know... protecting the environment.

I know it's frustrating to be a Senator from the right when you no longer have your guy from your team in the White House. Remember those good old days when President Bush could just gut a few decades of solid environmental law with a stroke of his Official Presidential Pen? One could sit peacefully by and watch Clean Water Act enforcement grind to a halt while lakes, streams and rivers got dirtier. Good times, good times.

And what about those great presidential appointments? When you could have Gail Norton and Steve Griles running things over at Interior you were really cooking. You know Steve's out of prison already, he might be willing to serve again if asked.

Christie Todd Whitman. Now there was an EPA Administrator with some gumption! She didn't let the huge load of carcinogens keep her from declaring lower Manhattan safe for emergency workers after 9/11. No ma'am. She knows they build those New Yorkers tough. I may call it protecting human health and respecting the rights of workers, but I know you think of it as red tape.

Now this Lisa Jackson comes along. Look at her record in New Jersey. I think she never met an environmental law that she didn't feel like she had to "enforce". I can see why the EPA is getting under your skin a little bit.

So who can you turn to? Seriously. You've got a President advocating rational environmental policy, a Congress that is starting to get it and the prospect of a climate bill with actual teeth coming up for a vote some time this spring. Quarterback Murkowski! Drop way back after the snap and huck that damn ball for all you're worth toward the goal line! See if you can convince your colleagues that the entire country wants the EPA to ignore greenhouse gas pollution.

I don't think it's going to work, but I know you've got to try. For our part, I think we're all going to contact our Senators and ask that they politely vote your amendment down. However I wouldn't mind if they did some speechifying making note of how completely in opposition to the public good your amendment would be.

Senator Murkowski, I wish you nothing but the best personally, but I feel you are on the wrong track here. We need the EPA to do its job. We've got to get real on slowing climate change. Representing the financial interests of the fossil fuel industry is a losing proposition for everyone, even you. You can run this play for the fossil fuel industry, but you've got no shot at being on the right side of the issue.

Best Regards,


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