01/12/2012 09:33 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Small City to Get Direct Roadway to Fort Worth

Johnson County, Texas leaders and residents filtered into the Cleburne Conference Center on Dec. 20 in Texas to witness and celebrate the groundbreaking of Chisholm Trail Parkway.

Some audience members smiled and appeared to let out a sigh of relief that the trail's construction was finally about to begin.

"I hope I can project the excitement about this event today," said Johnson County Judge Roger Harmon. "This is the single most important event for the area since the railroads came to Cleburne."

Harmon also said he expects a tremendous economic change to happen in the county because of the new roadway.

He continued by saying approval of the roadway would have never happened if it weren't for all the cities and state agencies working together over decades to build relationships.

"The most important thing you have is relationships and this roadway would've never been accomplished if had not been for all the people working on it," he said. "All the past mayors and city managers all had a part in it."

The trail at one time almost didn't happen, he said. But the city and county leaders continued to stay focused and did their parts to see it through, he said.

More than 70 people attended the ceremonial groundbreaking. The audience was made up of current and past mayors, commissioners, city managers and other leaders and residents.

Cleburne Mayor Justin Hewlett also spoke at the event. He joked about how he once heard about the parkway as a kid. He said he used to dream about one day driving on the parkway once he received his driver's license as a teen.

"Now I'm just hoping it's finished before they take my license away," he said.

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