06/08/2010 12:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Day 50: BP Releases LP



With the cap on
It's still dangerous
Here we are now
Please contain us
We look stupid
And outrageous
Here we are now
Please restrain us

- "(Smells Like) Unregulated Spirit"
Nerve's explosive, dirty sound has been flooding America for weeks and shows no signs of stopping. It is expected to continue through the end of the summer, although its far-ranging influence will be felt for years to come.

No longer underground, Nerve has gone mainstream, as well as downstream and upstream. Their trademark blend of toxicity and irresponsibility has crossed over from their oil-based roots into such areas as beaches and marshlands.

A classic unreliable narrator, lead perpetrator Tony Hayward wails that he "wants his life back" in "Scum As You Are," that he won't resign as BP CEO in "Folly" and that no spill can be as big as the ocean in "Coastal Pissings."

He comes clean (or as clean as he can) in "In Doom": "Sell the kids for crude / Money changes moods."

Nerve can't be compared to anything before it. Immune to public taste, regulations or blowout preventers, this group and its compatriots in the sludge genre will continue changing the face of America, not to mention other ecosystems.

A turtle
And a seagull
A sea kingdom
An extinction
A defiling
A defiling
A defiling
A defiling
A defiling

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