08/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Blue Dogs, Stop It

Just stop.

Because right now, you don't represent the majority of Americans on health care reform or even the majority of constituents in your district.

And you certainly don't represent the majority of Democrats.

You represent yourselves and all the health care corporations who directly or indirectly fund your career.

But this is not about your career or their massive profits.

It's about America -- a rich, powerful, civilized country you were elected to help run.

And a country that up till now has said that the value of human health is best measured in material wealth.

That if you're rich, you get the best treatment; if you're not, you don't.

That's insane.

Cancer doesn't know how much money a patient has; a virus doesn't ask for a credit report.

And public health should never be a business where the profits are counted in quarterly double digits and the profiteers are paid annually in tens of millions.

Health care can be a business, but first and foremost it is a basic human right.

A right that President Obama was elected to recognize and help make law.

A right that you are trying to deny.

So stop. Please.

Think about who you represent, what you were actually elected to do and do it.

Or continue to stall and dilute this bill, in what has be one of the most transparently corrupt actions ever to take place in Washington DC.

Which is a real achievement -- if what you seek is eternal political infamy.