05/01/2014 10:31 am ET Updated Jul 01, 2014

Americans See Right Through Feigned Obamacare Elation

In recent weeks, liberals in Washington have been on parade regarding Obamacare enrollment figures. President Obama even said that "it's well past time to move on" from the Obamacare debate because the law is so hunky dory.

It's clear that President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress have been desperately searching for a way to spin the troubled law, because the latest enrollment figures hardly qualify as a success. In fact, the Associated Press recently noted that Obamacare has merely "chipped away at one of its core goals: to sharply reduce the number of people without insurance."

The American people have taken notice of Obamacare's flaws and see right through liberals' enrollment elation.

In fact, from March to April, their sour views on Obamacare have grown. According to data from YG Network's Battleground Tracking Survey, battleground constituents' disapproval escalated from 52 percent in March to 55 in April.

When taking into account CBO projections that say 31 million Americans will still not have health insurance by 2024, we see that battleground constituents are not applauding Obamacare like liberals in Washington.

When respondents were asked if they believe the fact that 31 million Americans will remain uninsured in 10 years means the law is a success, the law is a failure, or something in between, only eight percent (you read that right, eight percent!) said it should be deemed a success.

And even when self-identified Democrats responded, only 15 percent said the law should be deemed a success.

Such anemic support should be a wakeup call to liberals in Washington: Obamacare is the wrong health care strategy for the American people.

Not only does the law fail to address the uninsured population, but it also hurts people's pocketbooks. Dan Balz of the Washington Post recently revealed that "58 percent majority say the new law is causing higher costs overall" in a new Washington Post/ABC News poll.

Pocketbooks for small businesses are at risk too, because the law compelling them to rethink important planning.

Small business owners "have begun restructuring their businesses, reducing their employees' hours, for example, or trimming their total head counts to fewer than 50 full-time workers," according to the Wall Street Journal's Sarah E. Needleman and Angus Loten.

The economy is in a fragile place right now, and it's unfair to millions of workers that liberals in Washington continue to zone-in on this disastrous law.

That's why it's important for conservatives to stand with the American people in opposition to Obamacare, but they can't stop there.

To truly make life work better for hardworking Americans, conservatives must advocate sound health care policy that helps people that lowers costs, expands access, and empowers patients and doctors. If they do, the American people are ready to listen.