09/26/2012 08:53 am ET Updated Nov 26, 2012

Romney's Last Chance: Cheat and Lie

Republican efforts to personally attack President Obama have pretty much failed. People like Barack too much to believe that he is un-American, a socialist, a communist, a terrorist, a Muslim or a Kenyan, not that there is anything wrong with being a Kenyan or a Muslim. Similarly, Republican attempts to convince people that cutting taxes on the wealthy and further deregulating the banks is a successful path to prosperity hasn't gained much traction.

If I were a Republican campaign strategist with lots of cash from wealthy, corporate and banking donors, I would wait until the last two weeks of the election cycle and then flood the airwaves with television commercials that tried to scare Americans on what a second Obama term might look like. As usual, they won't feel constrained by the facts, and because the ads air so late in the process it will be hard to correct all the misstatements.

Here is one such attempt. I show you this only so you will be prepared. There is nothing I put past these folks. Remember, these are the same folks who are trying to make it impossible for many blacks, Latinos, students, the elderly and the poor to vote in this election. They have trillions to lose in tax breaks, government contracts, defense department deals, oil and gas exploration rights, inside banking deals and unregulated illegal activities if Obama is re-elected and they will do anything to see that that doesn't happen.

Possible Romney Super PAC Television Advertisement

[Scene opens on empty stage with close-up of Clint Eastwood sitting on, not next to, a chair. Ominous scary music plays in background.]

Eastwood: What will Barack Obama's second term look like? Imagine if he knows he will never have to face another re-election and he can do whatever he wants. Imagine if the Democrats regain control of the House so there is no one left to stop him.

Narrator: Obama deals with prison overcrowding by legalizing drugs and then gives an unconditional release to hundreds of thousands of convicted and imprisoned felons, drug addicts and drug dealers.

[Camera pans to stock video of a prison riot and breakout by black and Latino prisoners jumping the prison fence and running wild across the countryside.]

Narrator: Socialist Europe collapses, but not before Obama tries one last attempt to prop it up by having the U.S. buy 100 million pair of Gucci loafers from debt burdened Italy in the first shoe/currency derivative swap.

[Close up shot of Gucci loafer with $100 bill sticking out of it.]

Narrator: Obama's continued lax approach to policing Iran allows them to construct a nuclear device which they launch on Israel. Luckily, the Iranians have purchased somewhat defective targeting software from Microsoft and the missile explodes harmlessly over Kazakhstan.

[Video shows nuclear bomb exploding and burning hole through a map of Kazakhstan.]

Narrator: Obama's new Treasury Secretary removes any mention of God from our nation's currency.

[Close-up of a new U.S. dollar bill with the words "In God We Trust" replaced with the words "In Government We Trust.]

Narrator: President Obama appoints his third Supreme Court Justice, Bill Ayers, and creates a liberal majority on the court that makes ownership of private property illegal as the court rules that only the collective has rights, not the individual.

[Video of actor impersonating Bill Ayers dressed in justice robes bombing a school bus.]

Narrator: Obama nationalizes the banks, declares a bank holiday and unleashes the Fed to print trillions of dollars of the new Godless currency.

[Picture showing bank's front doors boarded up and people in street burning piles of old dollars.]

Narrator: Debt of the United States exceeds $30 trillion and Obama is forced to approach China to ask permission to miss an interest payment.

[Doctored video showing Obama bowing to Chinese Premier and dropping to one knee.]

Narrator: Unions emboldened by Obama's re-election call a general nationwide strike shutting down all businesses, all schools and all police and fire departments for five months. Agree to return to work when a twenty hour work week is approved along with four months vacation time.

[Student appears at school doors but is turned away by principal and told to go home.]

Narrator: Gas shoots to $8 a gallon as Obama announces his $4 a gallon gas tax meant to slow the hoax known as climate change.

[Video shot of mile long line of cars at gas station waiting for fill-up in a snow and ice storm in South Carolina.]

Narrator: Obama's immigration amnesty program leads to tens of millions of Mexicans entering the U.S. to join their families and an even more massive migration of white Texans and Arizonans to Canada.

[Video of thousands of white Americans in line waiting to cross border into Canada.]

Narrator: Obama rededicates Mount Rushmore

[Obama photoshopped so he is standing in front of Mount Rushmore as it explodes in a series of preset synchronized dynamite charges to reveal four new visages, Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao.]

David Koch Voiceover: I'm David Koch and I approve this message.

John R. Talbott is a bestselling author and financial consultant to families whose books predicted the housing crash, the banking crisis and the global economic collapse. You can read more about his books, the accuracy of his predictions and his financial consulting activities at