11/25/2014 06:18 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2015

4 Startups You Need to Know to Increase Customers Spending


One effective way to boost online sales includes encouraging shoppers to buy additional items which might be of interest to them based upon what they are viewing on your website. An additional proven technique includes encouraging buyers to take into consideration the next higher priced product if it perhaps might better meet their needs. If done properly, cross-selling and upselling may significantly help boost Internet sales, maximize the ROI per consumer, and decrease individual cost per acquisition.

Here are five ways to upsell customers which may really assist in increasing your sales:

  1. Show complementary offerings upon the item's order confirmation pages and main page. 'Individuals who purchased this product also purchased...' and 'if you enjoy this product, you also may like...' now are typical on many websites because they work. A web programmer easily can add a section suggesting items based upon what a customer is purchasing.
  2. Provide free shipping on buys that exceed a specific value. This method encourages buyers to reach a specific dollar amount and will work well as the shipping costs would already place them over this quantity anyway. One good rule of thumb includes understanding the average order value of sales, and establish your minimum spend right above the amount.
  3. Provide a bundle of products at checkout for a reduced cost. If a customer is buying a toy at checkout, offer the whole toy series for a discounted price, yet only if they immediately buy the bundle. It's a great method of enticing customers to consider the discount they'll receive instead of the overall price of purchase.
  4. Provide a little discount for adding something to the order. If a customer's order reaches 43.22, for instance, offer a 10 percent discount upon orders more than 50. It'll encourage the customer to add an additional items to take advantage of the discount.
  5. Provide a discount for item multiples. It works very well as you are selling something which is regularly consumed, like toothpaste, ink cartridges, or vitamins. By discounting multiples of likewise items, you are not just keeping inventory fresh; you also are boosting your average sale.

Here are your four startups you need to know to increase customers spending:

  • ReTargeter assists your target consumers and brings them back to more profitable items. ReTargeter includes a full-service display ad solution which specializes in audience targeting and retargeting. Their solutions assist you in optimizing your spend on marketing by serving targeted display advertisements to the proper individuals at the proper time.
  • Duetto assists you in identifying and upselling to consumers. Duetto will transform the way hotels sell and price rooms by offering better and new data and making it accessible, actionable, and clear across the hotel industry.
  • In Dropbox as you reach the end of your obtainable storage space, you are prompted to upgrade every time you see the quantity of available space within the app. And as your Dropbox is full it's possible to upgrade right inside the app. Offering an upsell inside the app -- at a relevant place and time -- assists customers in knowing and remembering that a solution is available as their problem arises.

In-app upsells, so long as they make it clear why a customer is going to win by taking them may be an efficient way to not just boost revenue, yet engagement, as well.

As you order flowers from 1-800-Flowers, you will receive simple upsells which are relevant and may assist you in sending a better gift. The point of purchase includes the most typical upsell point for one reason: it works. Consumers are in 'purchasing' mode with their credit cards ready, and prepared to do business.

Target your consumers for upsells as they reach customer success milestones, and as the value of your item is most apparent.

Upselling includes a valuable skill for anybody delivering customer service, because it'll assist you in achieving your main goal: make your customers more successful and happier.