07/17/2007 02:34 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bob Novak: "Hey, at Least We're White Guys!"

In my last post I had at Newsweek for their woefully bigoted cover story on Barack Obama. Called it a shining example of "Lefty racism." That, comboed with my many pieces targeting bias from the Left, has many of you figuring I'm blind to anything but the prejudice that wanders off the Liberal Plantation.


So lemme offer up comment on some hate mongering fresh brewed by the Retro Guard of my favorite constituency; the ROWGs.

While most of political-savvy America was enthralled by the Webb/Graham cage match that went down this past Sunday on Meet the Press, the subtle racial jab thrown by conservative columnist and sometimes CIA covert op leaker Bob Novak was missed by most the program's viewers. But then, most of the program's viewers are variations on the Rich Old White Guy theme that Novak plays to (shamefully, so were all the guest on the MTP roundtable).

When queried about the Neo Cons being so disenfranchised with their own party they aren't dolin' out campaign contributions with the same voracity as Democrats, Novak was able to find one lily white lining to his otherwise dark cloud:

"Republicans are, are very pessimistic about 2008, when you talk to them off the record. They don't see how they can win this thing. And then you--they think for a minute, and only the Democratic Party, with everything in their favor, would say that, OK, this is a year either to have a woman or an African-American to break precedent, to do things the country's never done before, and it gives the Republicans hope."

Key Freudian slip: "You-they."

Key word: Hope


A man of color or a woman heading up the Democratic ticket, "do things the country's never done before," gives Republicans hope of winning the election? And why exactly is that, Robert? Is it because your ilk believes a majority of Americans won't vote for either?

Well, know what? That actually might be true. For all the money they're pulling in and their standing in the polls, the current dominant positions of Sens. Clinton and Obama may be just Potemkin villages held up by some kind of Wilder Effect.

Be that as it may . . .

Do the Republicans actually believe their last, best hope of victory resides in the bigotry of others? Are they so empty of ideas and barren of polices their fall back position is: "Hey, at least we're white guys?"

For Neo-cons like Novak probably yes. They sure can't run on the war, national security, family values or political integrity. And David Vitters once again smacked sanctity of marriage off the table.

But I'm sure the Republican presidential candidates are just seconds away from publicly and vigorously distancing themselves from Novak's remark.

Yep, any second now they're gonna come out screaming they don't "hope" racism keeps them in the Oval office.

Any second . . .

Real soon...

In the meantime...

Here's how it shakes out: the Neo-cons don't control the vote. The majority of Dems don't seem to give a donkey's ass about race or gender. And this election -- as increasingly all are -- will be decided by the center. I doubt a majority of the most reasoned in America will let chromosomal combination or pigmentation stand in the way of picking the best person for the job. I also don't believe any of my independent brethren will be enticed to cast their ballot solely by the sight of yet one more out-of-touch Rich Old White Guy.

As long as the far Right keeps dredging those up, we all have hope.