01/04/2007 02:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The End of The ROWG (And I'm not talking about George Clooney)

Yeah, 2007 is only days old, but I predict that this is the penultimate year of prominence for rich old white guys in American political power. It is the eve of the sun setting on their empire before they head off into the night of 2008.

That change is coming doesn't take much Magic Eightballing. Pelosi in the house. Clinton and Obama the most exciting nonofficial presidential candidates since Washington got drafted. For the latter two clearly their buzz isn't coming from their Senate voting records, but from the fact they are simply not more of the same.
Really, wasn't Bush/Kerry well-to-do Yale east coast vs. fake Texas the least diverse election in the history of our great nation?

What makes the last years of the ROWGs so delicious to watch is how they fumble with getting a handle on the acceptance that they no longer hold center stage. They panic like officers of the Titanic having just received word their ship is sinking. The bumbling they resort to are gimp attempts to maintain their perceived dominance.

George Allen's macaca slur was the least of his transgressions. It was the "welcome to America" he sneered at a Near Eastern man that fully displayed his skewed view of his place in the land; America being brown long before his ilk arrived here. I'm sure what George meant was: "Hey, as a foreigner to this joint, would it be okay if I just kept my mouth shut and stood in the corner?"

No! No now get your religious self-hatred together, then get out.

Like Allen, Virgil Goode's opposition to Keith Ellison using the Qur'an at his private swearing in is only the tip of the ROWG iceberg. Goode follows up his religious zealotry by drawing some overreaching parallels between Ellison using the Qur'an and America being overrun by Muslim immigrants. Except, Ellison is native born. From Detroit. But, he's black, so for a ROWG like Goode that means he's an enemy alien. But from my point of vantage it seems to me Goode is little more than a colonial lord displaying nothing but fear now that the "drums have stopped." Goode's Muslim/immigration stance is the front-runner for the ROWG Suspect Linkage award last given to Bush Co. for hooking up in susceptible minds the nonexistent ties between Iraq and 9/11.

Examples of recent ROWGery abound: The RNC reaching into its bag of dirty race baitin' tricks to upset Harold Ford. CNN and their stealth war against Barack Obama (I fully intend to detail that in a coming post).

And while 2007 is by no means the end of the ROWG, I believe my kids will look back at this year and the next as obelisks marking their diminishing political significance on the timeline of American history.

Personally, I'm already digging the death throes.

It's a pleasure that can only come from watching the stumbling of a multitude of stooges.