05/17/2012 09:21 am ET Updated Jul 10, 2012

School Yard Pranks Are Unacceptable

Our Ability is neutral politically. I try to be neutral politically. There are conservatives and liberals alike with disabilities, or who have children or family members with disabilities. Disability does NOT discriminate.

It sounds like one of our political leaders in the United States does, or did. When you run for office you have to choose sides, and President Obama and Governor Romney do so. It can't be easy to stay with party lines all the time and hold any personal beliefs. Once and a great while you see exactly who these politicians are deep down.

We got that today. The Washington Post story reporting about Romney's alleged "pranks" reflects actions that are not just anti-gay but pure bullying. Our Ability is NOT neutral in regard to bullying. It has to stop. We cannot tolerate any bullying.

"The people involved didn't come out of the closet until years later," he noted. "The idea that this is something that was known by me ... is obviously absurd. I had no idea that this person might have been gay."

Romney went on to say "I don't remember that incident..." If you don't remember the incident then how do you remember the people involved? Of course you remember. Like it was yesterday.

This month I spoke to quite a few schools across all ages of students. In each and every case, students themselves brought up bullying. They want it to stop in schools. We have stories coming out of teachers enabling bullying students. This is an epidemic.

Our Ability -- like It Gets Better -- is starting a community where people with disabilities can upload their own story; a supportive message where we can be there for one another. It takes a community effort of awareness and open discussion in places such as schools to change behavior. We need this in our government offices as well.

What we do not need, and cannot have, is the leader of the free world openly talking about their bullying in the past and a reaction of angry tactics as a way to deal with difference. If we get this, then it will not be school yard bullying anymore but services eliminated for people with disabilities, laws repealed to support the rights of same-sex individuals, women's health will be targeted and liberty lost for any and all with diversity.