04/29/2011 01:59 am ET Updated Jun 28, 2011

5 Paintings, 5 Studio Shots, 5 Quests for Beauty

The artists featured in this slideshow are each accomplished representational painters who are searching for some kind of beauty. Their subjects, their approaches, and their findings are diverse.

Allan Gorman -- a sharp eyed formalist -- sees beauty in industrial sites, which he paints with compelling clarity. Shirin Moosavi has attempted to understand the world of her growing daughter, capturing the poignancy of self-discovery. Gary Godbee makes a point of avoiding implied themes, and instead evokes the qualities of a given landscape to elicit an emotional connection. Carolyn Pyfrom uses painting to search, and then to share her surprise at the traces of life that she has discovered. Brad Kunkle refers to history -- the discovery of fractals by Benoit Mandlebrot -- to create a graceful allegory that infers the marriage of art and science.

The idea of beauty is universal, yet finding it is a personal quest. "Everything has beauty," said Confucius, "but not everyone sees it."

5 Paintings, 5 Studio Shots, 5 Quests for Beauty