US Airways Jet Floats Down the Hudson

The plane that left from LaGuardia and only got as far as the Hudson around 50th Street is drifting past my window just now. (My first impression, because it was moving so fast, was that the submerged plane was being pushed or towed by the boats nearby.) Here's my photo of a US Airways jet passing 20th Street. The helicopters flying overhead have kept discretely away from one another. Police patrol cars have assembled by the dozens on both sides of the river. A flotilla of boats arrived to assist the airplane or just gawk. On the right side of the photo you see the edge of one of the turrets of the General Theological Seminary, beyond it the Gehry Building. The tower behind the Gehry Building across the Hudson in New Jersey is the Stevens Institute of Technology.
Below is a closer look at the submerged plane. It was reportedly bound for the banking capital of Charlotte, N.C. The plane reportedly ran into geese and had to crash land. No one was apparently killed.