10/16/2014 09:33 pm ET Updated Dec 15, 2014

Dressing Up Is Not Hard to Do

Summer is over. Fall is here. It's time to dress up, fellas. And I don't mean for Halloween.

So put your flip-flops, T-shirts, and shorts in the plastic storage bins, and put on your dress shirts, pants jackets, and yes ties.

I don't care what Mark Zuckerberg says or does.

Here's a funny connection that I have to Sir Mark. His dad is Dr. Edward Zuckerberg. Dr Z. was my dentist in Dobbs Ferry NY. Every time I went in to get my teeth cleaned, or fillings filled, Dr Ed was usually dressed in his white doctor jacket, his name prominently inscribed on his left chest jacket pocket. If it got too hot in the patient room (Dr Z. had big salt water fish tanks, so he had to keep the rooms fairly warm for his fish) then he would always be sporting a blue dress shirt. Dr Z was, and I'm sure is, a class act.

I know, I know. Most guys HATE getting dressed up. It's uncomfortable. It's expensive. It's impractical. It's a hassle. Well, guess what guys - getting dressed up is professional!

And here's the other inside dope on getting dressed up guys. Women love it! If you have any doubt about this, just ask 'em. If they tell you they don't care, they are lying, straight to your face.

It's incredible how far guys will go to not have to go to the dry cleaners on a regular basis. On my Facebook News Feed, for example, a shiny happy couple popped up, all smiles and giggles, hugging and kissing on each other because they just got married.

The groom wasn't wearing a tie. Ok, so he doesn't believe in formality. But then he skipped the jacket too. Uh-oh.

But it didn't stop there. He wore khakis.

Khakis. I kid you not. I had to look at the pics several times, just to make sure. So what was the thinking here - was he planning on going to play a round of 18 after the reception?

Big deal, you say. Stop picking on him, Anderson. The groom should do whatever he wants, right? It is, after all, his day.

True. But it was also her Big Day as well.

Fine, fine, you say to me. The bride, you're guessing, probably wore a sundress and they matched perfectly. Right?


The bride wore a resplendent floor length silk wedding dress. She dressed for The Occasion. She knew the stakes, and brought her A game. He brought his Golf game.

Here's the bottom line, guys. Dress to match what you are doing. If you are going to work, then dress for work. If you are going to play golf, ok, khakis or chinos are perfect. Going to the movies with your sweetie? Jeans. Sure. No problem.

Just remember this when you're standing before your closet tonight deciding what to don on your body tomorrow. Being overdressed will never hurt you. EVER. Here's what it will do. It will make you look better than every other guy in the room.

So let the magic begin, starting today, and dress up! If you don't have the right threads, then get thee to your local haberdashery ASAP.

May the Fashion Force be with you.