09/11/2012 07:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Creative Coalition Takes The Patron Express To The DNC

At the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, the art of hospitality, celebrity sighting, and charitable causes converged at the Patron Express party held for the Creative Coalition. The Creative Coalition attends both conventions to look after interests affecting the creative community and social causes that the group believes belong front and center, such as education and environmental issues.

Featuring a ragtime band in star spangled vests, right next to where the DNC banners and bunting are fabricated, guests were treated to a Patron bar and welcome to tour the Patron Express, a beautifully restored train car that Patron owner John Paul Dejoria has made over into a plush vessel that would make Agatha Cristie drool.

Tour of the Patron Express

Here is a personal tour of the Patron Express.

Interview with John Paul DeJoria

Patron founder and Creative Coalition board member John Paul Dejoria took the time to talk about his Patron Express, his philanthropy, and why he attends both political conventions.

Creative Colaition President Tim Daly

Creative Coalition President TIm Daly explained the goals of the Coalition and how arts education actually brings a return on investment in society of 7-to-1. Scroll through the video for appearances by Beau Bridges, Tony Shaloub, and Wayne Knight.

John Paul DeJoria & Patricia Arquette

John Paul DeJoria and Patricia Arquette discussed growing up as the American poor, a topic under-served by the conventions.

A slideshow from the event is below.

Patron Express Party for Creative Coalition at DNC