06/21/2012 06:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

WATCH: 'The Koch Brothers: Godfathers of Greed'

In celebration of the Koch Brothers' San Diego convention this weekend, here is a newly-released short doc highlighting the nefarious background of the Kochs and revealing how a little protest and exposure can send the billionaire brothers into a tizzy.

Public Interest Pictures are proud to present this classic American tale of greed, power and family, from the forthcoming film PAY 2 PLAY.

Styled after The Godfather, this exposé looks at the Koch's history of anti-government spending and the revelations surrounding their secretive political gatherings with conservative politicians and Supreme Court justices. Once they are called out in the public arena, however, the Kochs seem suddenly determined to stay silent, out of character for some guys who spend a small nation's GDP in order to amplify their voices and Tea Party platform.

PAY 2 PLAY is a feature length film examining the Pay-to-Play System of money in politics and how we can reclaim our democracy.