08/17/2012 06:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Unprepared As a Parent

I thought I was prepared to be a parent.
I mean after all, I have been dad for almost eight years now. I've changed my fair share of diapers, packed a good number of school lunches and washed numerous loads of laundry. Turns out that that is the easy stuff.
No one ever prepared me for the emotions involved in this whole parenting thing.
It's not something that you read about, because I don't know if anyone can actually describe how you are going to feel at any given moment.  One second you are happy as can be that your son got a hit in a tee ball game, the next you're crying your eyes out dropping your kid off on the last day of preschool.
That was me.
I didn't realize how difficult of a moment this would be for me, seeing him disappear through the doors of his school of two years for the last time.  My little guy is going in those doors a little boy and coming out a big kid. There will be no more driving him to school everyday, blaring one of his favorite songs on the radio.  No more opening the door for him and telling him to have a great day.  Our little morning routine is changing, forever.
My little boy is changing, forever.
He's growing up. Fast. As much as I don't like to see it happen I am going to have to accept that reality sooner or later.  One of these years I will be dropping him off at college seeing him disappear through the doors of his dormitory.  I'm not prepared for that.
I don't know if ever will be.