02/28/2014 02:37 pm ET Updated Apr 30, 2014

The Week to Week News Quiz for 2/28/14

From Jan Brewer's big decision to mayhem in Ukraine, see if you've been paying attention to the big happenings this week. Take our latest Week to Week news quiz and find out.

Here are some random but real hints: Kiev can make its own mistakes; we didn't have all the drones back then; it nearly doubles our chances of finding a new home after we trash this one; and more pix, please, they're British.

1. What message did Secretary of State John Kerry have for Russia on Friday?
a. Intervention in Ukraine would be a "grave mistake"
b. The Sochi Olympics were a "grave mistake"
c. Its support for Syria's government is a "grave mistake"
d. Military aid to North Korea's regime would be a "grave mistake"

2. What is Mt. Gox?
a. A newly bankrupt exchange for the bitcoin unofficial international currency
b. The location of the U.S. government's new long-term nuclear storage site
c. The location of the National Security Agency's mega-storage complex for digital spying data
d. The newly announced antagonist in the new Godzilla film

3. Where was a Russian flag raised this week by gunmen?
a. A high school in Moscow
b. The Swiss embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan
c. A local parliamentary building in the Crimean section of Ukraine
d. The International Space Station

4. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced plans to do what in response to budget cuts?
a. Mothball the entire 11th Fleet
b. Reduce the active-duty army to the lowest it's been since before World War II
c. Outsource drone operation to private companies
d. Rent the Presidio and use it to house prisoners of war

5. What is Kepler and what did it just do?
a. It is a space telescope that just discovered 715 planets beyond our solar system
b. It is the new Android operating system and it racked up 100 million users in its first week of release
c. It is a working group of conservative U.S. House Republicans and it endorsed Ted Cruz for president in 2016
d. It is a U.S. Marines strike force that freed 21 Western hostages in the Sudan

6. With which of the following films was the late Harold Ramis not involved?
a. National Lampoon's Vacation
b. Ghostbusters
c. Heavy Metal
d. Splash

7. Who stole images from thousands of Yahoo users' webcam chats, including sexually explicit images?
a. Anonymous
b. A British government intelligence agency
c. The Russian mafia
d. Iran

8. A federal appeals court upheld a Bay Area school's right to do what?
a. Put students of different races in different classrooms
b. Prevent students from wearing American flag t-shirts on a Mexican-American holiday
c. Prevent students from wearing a Star of David during Christmas
d. Expel students for distributing Tea Party material

9. Why were liberals praising conservative Arizona Governor Jan Brewer this week?
a. She declared human-caused climate change is real
b. She resigned
c. She vetoed a discriminatory anti-gay bill
d. She endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2016

10. According to a new CBS News/New York Times poll, how does a slight majority of Americans feel about Barack Obama's presidency?
a. Satisfied
b. Somewhat or very disappointed
c. Supportive of a third term
d. Unable to name his vice president

BONUS. What did the Egyptian military announce this week?
a. It had completely defeated al Qaeda forces in Egypt
b. It had a secret cure for HIV and hepatitis C, but it wasn't going to let anyone outside Egypt have the cures
c. Former President Morsi admitted spying for Iran
d. Crime has been completely eliminated within the nation's boundaries

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ANSWERS: 1) a. 2) a. 3) c. 4) b. 5) a. 6) d. 7) b. 8) b. 9) c. 10) b. BONUS) b.

Explanations of the hints: Kiev can make its own mistakes: Kerry warned Russia not to become militarily involved in Ukraine's civil strife; we didn't have all the drones back then: the number of personnel would come down to pre-WWII levels, but our non-human military assets are astronomically more powerful; it nearly doubles our chances of finding a new home after we trash this one: Kepler's latest find increased by three-quarters the number of extra-solar planets we've discovered; and more pix, please, they're British: the British intelligence agency collected the material, for whatever reason and purpose.