05/23/2014 03:06 pm ET Updated Jul 23, 2014

The Week to Week News Quiz for 5/23/14

President Obama's mad and Donald Sterling's throwing in the towel. Find out what the strong emotions are all about in our latest Week to Week news quiz.

Here are some random but real hints: Former senators always like talking to Representatives; are you ready for some painkillers?; that's going to hurt their 100% positive feedback score; and it sounds like the opening to a hackneyed joke, but it's not.

1. What did Russian President Putin say he would do to the winner of Ukraine's presidential election?
a. Give him a tour of the Lubyanka prison
b. Work with him
c. Pray for him
d. Take him hunting

2. The U.S. State Department announced that Secretary of State John Kerry will do what?
a. Resign following the midterm elections
b. Visit Tehran to iron out final details on the nuclear treaty
c. Restore budget cuts that resulted from federal budget sequestration
d. Appear before the House Benghazi panel

3. President Obama is "madder than hell" and Defense Secretary Hagel said "someone has to be accountable" for what scandal?
a. The collapse of security in Iraq
b. Delays and falsification of records at the Department of Veterans Affairs
c. The purchase of $500 hammers by the Defense Department
d. Defense Department budget cuts that resulted from federal budget sequestration

4. What do the words "GM" and "13.6 million" have in common?
a. General Motors posted an after-tax profit of $13.6 million
b. GM sold 13.6 million new cars in April
c. GM has recalled a record 13.6 million cars so far in 2014
d. GM's global workforce has reached 13.6 million, its highest in 40 years

5. What was sued by a group of retirees over claims that they were supplied with dangerous drugs?
a. General Motors
b. The U.S. Government
c. AstraZeneca
d. The NFL

6. What is the latest retailer to announce that its customer database had been hacked?
b. eBay
c. Macy's
d. Trader Joe's

7. Who just signed a 30-year gas deal worth an estimated $400 billion with Russia?
a. China
b. Germany
c. The United States
d. Saudi Arabia

8. About what has LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling reportedly changed his mind?
a. He wants to take photos of himself with black people
b. He asked his estranged wife to reconcile with him
c. He will sell the team
d. He wants to draft Kobe

9. Who declared martial law on Tuesday and staged a coup on Thursday?
a. Thailand's military
b. King Tommen Baratheon
c. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
d. Turkey's military

10. Which of the following was an actual tweet by game show host Pat Sajak on Monday?
a. "If Everybody In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society."
b. "@CocaCola Since when is it okay to sing 'America the Beautiful' in any language other than ENGLISH!! #cocacola #FAIL"
c. "I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night."
d. "How many of y'all lil kids know a full rap song but don't know the story of The Version Mary and Jesus in a mainjer?"

BONUS. Who is joining Pope Francis on his visit to the Holy Land?
a. A rabbi and a sheikh
b. Secretary of State John Kerry
c. His predecessor, Pope Benedict
d. TV personality and chef Rachael Ray

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ANSWERS: 1) b. 2) d. 3) b. 4) c. 5) d. 6) b. 7) a. 8) c. 9) a. 10) c. BONUS) a.

Explanations of the hints: Former senators always like talking to Representatives: it's a return to Capitol Hill for the former senator; are you ready for some painkillers?: okay, Monday Night Football might not want to use that catchphrase; that's going to hurt their 100% positive feedback score: eBay reportedly didn't alert the public that it was hacked for two weeks after it detected the intrusion; and it sounds like the opening to a hackneyed joke, but it's not: to quote from the opening of a CNN report: "So, a rabbi, a sheikh and a pope travel to the Holy Land... It might sound like the start of a trite joke, but it's actually the entourage for one of the most highly anticipated papal trips in recent history."